The Company

The Vizzari Brothers olive oil grove originated among the the Aspromonte massif lush hills in Solano and Bagnara Calabra area in the 80’s, thanks to the genuine passion of the father Domenico.

It is a very dynamic and modern company that matches ancient traditions, quality and technologic innovations and, thanks to its original approach, was able to devise a premium quality olive oil that encompasses all the original tastes and perfumes of the Calabria territory.

The Company cultivates around 20.000 olive oil trees in different areas, from the hills of Pinea di Maierato, an ancient feudal village were olive oil production dates back to 1700, Cucuzzo district in Solano Inferiore, an outstanding and legendary place in the world, facing the enchanting Messina strait, fully immersed in the scent of the sea, a mild weather and a lush vegetation. The main qualities of Vizzari Brothers olive oil production are a great care in the methods of farming and picking, the mixing of different olives qualities (Ottobratica, Carolea, Leccino e Frantoio), a special craft in the whole production and in the packing process. These simple but important features make the Vizzari’s olive oil a special one.

The Vizzari’s olive oil production is made by using a cold working modern continuous cycle oil press. The picking process is made both manually and by using mechanical shakers that are even better to preserve olives quality, avoiding the contact with the soil. The company takes care of all the productive process phases until the bottling, packaging and delivery. All the process is looked after in all the details and this guarantees the highest quality, authenticity and unicity to the products, that take pride in the highest healthy and organoleptic qualities.

The production hinges on the Virgin Olive Oil , the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and the Premium Biologic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil labeled Antico Borgo, the one that awarded the highest international recognition Prestige Gold in the International Terra Olivo Mediterranean Olive Oil Competition, which took place in Jerusalem in 2012. For all these reasons the company Vizzari Brothers Olive Oil Grove is a synonym of the quality of the Mediterranean olive tree and olive oil.


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    A dynamic and modern company that matches old traditions, quality and technologic innovation and managed to devise a superior quality olive oil.
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    The company cultivates more than 20.000 olive trees in different areas.
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    The Vizzari’s olive oil production is made by using a cold working modern continuous cycle oil press.