Biologic Extra-Virgin olive oil

Vizzari’s production Biologic Extra-Virgin olive oil Antico Borgo 100% Biologic, 100 % Italian.

The Biologic olive oil by Vizzari brothers, labeled under the name Antico Borgo, is obtained by using early picked olives sent very soon to the milling. As a biologic food it is free from chemical synthetized substances, such as fertilizers and pesticides, showing a total environmental respect. This procedure guaranties very low acidity and oxidation parameters.

In order be certificated “biologic product” it is necessary to follow some rules dictated by the national authority. Every single step of the production process, such as the employment of raw material and goods should run by expert farmers and registered in order to be double checked by experts. All these parameters are highly respected by the Vizzari brothers production and it results into the quality of all the products. Only if the customers knows all the efforts made to obtain this unique olive oil, they can give the right value to the product as it deserves. Therefore, all the inspections on the product aim, not only to avoid fraud and unfair competition, but also to establish a trustworthy relationship between the producer and the customers.

The Vizzari’s Olive Oil grove obtained the soil and health certification for biologic olive oil standards. The production is carefully followed in all its stages. The olives are picked by hands at the beginning of the maturation, in this way the product preserves much more nutritional values and gets a more fragrant taste. They are carefully selected and pressed in the same day of picking at a low speed continuous cycle system in order not to overheat the paste. The oil that is obtained by this process is left to decant naturally, so an eventual residual on the bottom of the bottle is a guarantee of authenticity. Only by the accurate control of each single phase of the production the Vizzari brothers can guarantee such excellent product.

Color: golden green
Smell: freshly fruity
Taste: intense, spicy and almond flavored
Olives varieties: ottobratica, carolea, leccino and frantoio

The Extra-Virgin olive oil Antico Borgo is characterized by a light fruity smell that reminds the fresh olives just picked from the trees. There are also persistent tastes of mature fruits and olive leaves and a delicate almond flavor. The taste is intense but harmonic, strong and balanced, lightly bitter and spicy with a mature fruits aftertaste. It is particularly suitable to be used raw in all the dishes of the Mediterranean gastronomy, especially shellfish starters, vegetable soups, backed fishes and red meats.

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The Extra-VirginOlive Oil by the Vizzari’s Olive Grove results from the purest tradition of Calabria olive farming. This oil comes from a mix of different qualities (Ottobratica, Carolea, Leccino and Frantoio) in a territory overlooking the sea from the Aspromonte slopes and vocated to agriculture, a special place where old traditions are mixed with the most modern technologies and are kept safe far from pollution and contamination.

This oil flavor is smooth and sweat and encompasses all the perfumes and tastes of the area named Costa Viola (the Purple Coast).
The organoleptic features are very delicate and can be appreciated over time.

Color: Golden green
Perfume: freshly fruity
Taste: sweet and almond scented
Variety: Ottobratica, Carolea, Leccino e Frantoio

The extra-virgin olive oil by Vizzari brothers has the unique fruity smell of the olives picked at the right degree of ripeness and a balanced herbs flavor. This oil is very fluid, his taste his balanced between the light spicy taste and the almond one and has got a silky and smooth consistency. It is ideal to bring on the table to dress backed fishes, fresh salads and raw meat and fishes. This is the oil for those who love the traditional typical products.

It is preferable to eat the Extra-Virgin olive oil in the same year of production or at least until 18 months from the extraction. Store away from light and heat sources. The ideal temperature for storage is between 15° and 20° degrees.

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